Mar 25

Bali Vacation For The Family

When planning your Bali Vacation for the Family you will need considerable more thought than a vacation for Singles or couples, below are some suggestions to make your holiday go a little bit smoother and a little bit easier on the pocket.

When you have young children an express immigration clearance is an added benefit for easy access from the plane past Visa on Arrival then a wait for your luggage and through immigration, certainly easier than waiting in line in the tropical heat for anything up to 2 hours for your visas. Express immigration is usually US$25 30 per person.

When looking for somewhere to stay for the family you cant go past a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, choosing an apartment has the benefit of having a good sized fridge and cooking facilities which is much easier than going out or eating at the Hotel for every meal which even in Bali can still add up to a considerable amount in comparison to going down to the Supermarket and stocking the fridge with everyday items.

Some Bali Hotels also offer family rooms which can usually accommodate Mum and Dad and 2 children, some of the bigger hotels also have kids clubs and baby sitting services, Between lazing by the pool and shopping there is plenty to do in Bali for the family, one way to see other parts of Bali is to hire a car and driver for the day (usually around 400,000 IDR – US$45 for 6-8 hours) be willing to bargain and dont accept the first price.

Some of the must do things for the kids to make there holiday memorable are:

Waterbom Park:
Exciting water slides slice through 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parks providing hours of fun and entertainment for the young and young at heart!

Odyssey Submarine:

Mar 24

Childrens Duvets Duvet Covers for Every Child

A stunning variety of covers for childrens duvets are available for parents who want to add color and interest to their childrens bedrooms. Duvet covers come in all colors, sizes, and themes. Solid colored duvet covers can complement the color scheme in your childs bedroom. Patterned covers that reflect themes related to your childs interests and activities can make going to bed an experience your child actually looks forward to.

Whether you have a boy or girl, there is a duvet cover out there that will appeal to your child. It is easy to find childrens duvets that appeal to both genders and to kids of all ages. Every parent knows that it is important to enable children to express their identities through the objects they surround themselves with, especially the dcor of their bedrooms and their bedding. Selecting a duvet cover of an appropriate color and style can allow your child to show off his or her personality. Little girls who love pink will enjoy duvet covers in colors such as BeBop Pink and Tickled Pink. Little boys may prefer covers in Pistachio and Blueberry Cordial Aqua. For older children, who may want their duvet covers to reflect their new maturity, covers in more subdued colors such as Quilt Blue or Tartan Red may be more appropriate

In addition to a variety of color schemes, you will find a multitude of themes available in covers for childrens duvets. For the dinosaur enthusiast in your family, you can choose duvet covers in Dino Lime and Jurassic Dinosaur. The budding athlete in your house will love Old Ball Game, Grand Slam, and Soccer World. Girls who love to play “dress-up” will be thrilled with such offerings as Rhinestone Cowgirl and Glitter Princess. Themed duvet covers are not only functional

Mar 24

Family Health Insurance Weigh your Options

In the search for a family health insurance plan that is affordable, you will note that more often than not, the plan is not an affordable one. Individual health insurance is something that may be available at a reasonable rate, but it is not the same for family medical insurances. More often, the charges are too much to afford. Many families go for medical insurances for their families from reliable and reputed providers at first, but then in the long run, they cannot afford it. Often, a fully beneficial plan that a major medical brand offers may come in the form of employee benefit packages.

You may even work for an organization that does not offer coverage for other members of your family in the form of family health insurance. What they offer however is individual coverage which is good for the employee, but leaves the family members in a vulnerable state. Moreover, self employed people tend to look for their own coverage. With the number of downsized people rising everyday, some of us may find the COBRA option an alternative, although it can get expensive to afford. In such a situation, finding an affordable family health insurance plan is something of a challenge. It is not a difficult task to look for individual medical insurance as it offers a lot of easy and safe options to the policy holders.

In individual medical insurances, the benefits are more and it does not necessarily have to be an expensive plan. However, when it comes to a family medical insurance plan, you need to weigh your options. It is best by far to take down the requisites and following advantages on paper to see whether you will be able to offer a higher amount of deductible. This will actually go a long way in

Mar 23

Family Tattoo Quotes

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and people are taking a fancy to them because it allows them to have permanent reminders of their loved ones, of obstacles they managed to overcome, or of things or ideas they are passionate about. Moreover, today you can see tattoos on types of people that would have never done something like this ten, or twenty years ago. You may be surprised to see grandmothers with tattoos of flowers or of their grandchildrens faces. Thus, it can be said that tattoos are becoming quite a family business and they no longer have to be associated with criminal types or with eccentrics and rebels.

Family tattoo quotes are one of the types of tattoos that you can see on all kinds of people; whether its something they said, or something an important personality said, people enjoy inking this sort of messages on their skin. Family tattoo quotes can be taken from books, the Bible, lyrics of songs and basically whatever inspires you or gives you strength. Perhaps this new-found popularity is also explained by the fact that tattoo parlors are becoming more and more professional, employing only the best and most talented artists. What they can accomplish is so impressive and stunning that it becomes easy to understand why even religious people or conservative individuals cant resist the temptation of embellishing their bodies with an ink masterpiece.

Some tattoo artists have even gained the popularity of celebrities because of their skill and craftsmanship, and there are people making reservations in advance just to have a tattoo designed by such an artist. Some of the more popular family tattoo quotes sound something like this: There is no place like home, a quote from the famous book The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank

Mar 23

Boost Your Children’s Personality Development With Effective Violin Lessons For Children

Raising kids is one tough job. Parents can only ensure what is best for their little ones. Most parents want to expose their children to early education in order to let them be independent at an early age and also to allow them to have interaction with the outside world. Many parents are sending of their little kids to preschool as early as 2 years old. There are also those parents that send their children to learn dancing like ballets, enroll them to voice lessons and to let them learn play some musical instruments. One good example of having children in music school is enrolling them in violin lessons for children.

Sending children to early school allows them to develop their intellectual and physical skills at an early age. It allows them to be self-confident with whatever they do and expose them to other children for them to have interpersonal relationship with others. Honing the talents and skills of children by sending them to school early has many advantages.

Learning music at an early age helps kids develop some skill that they can use when they grow up. For example, learning the violin at an early age by enrolling them to violin lessons for children will give the child an opportunity to become a violin pro when he or she grows up. When that time comes, they will be well recognized and they can make it as their source of income or way of living.

Sending children to music school will also provide an opportunity for the kids to develop or discover their God-given talents. Violin lessons for children as an example above helps kids learn patience. Violin lessons are quite difficult to learn but if kids will learn to love it, they will really try their best to master

Mar 21

Own A Franchise Financial Conversations To Have With Your Family Before Choosing A Franchise

Guest Blogger: Ray Moore, CFE, Vice President of Development, BrightStar

The successful franchisee will first and foremost find the right fit. The right fit may be the one that best fits his or her financial resources and goals. The potential franchisee should sit down with their spouse and family and ask some hard questions. Together they will have to decide what outcomes they need to realize to consider this venture a success. They will have to separate out the must have or non-negotiable outcomes before shopping for a franchise opportunity.

The couple/family should agree to the following each family will have to fill in the blanks according to their own circumstances. Its a good idea to consult an accountant:

1.We will not invest more than $_____ of our cash/liquid capital.
2.We will not borrow more than $______ in additional funds to capitalize the business.

With any start up, business owners need to have enough money, either set aside or in other income, to cover household bills and run the business for 12 to 18 months. The following questions will help determine how much is needed:

3.To make sure we can still live comfortably while growing the business, we will cut our household budget to $ ____ per month for at least ____ months and be sure to never exceed that budget.
4.We will only buy a franchise that we have confidence can get big enough to feed itself, i.e., income (cash flow) will cover monthly business expenses (fixed and variable costs), no later than ___ months after signing the agreement.

With many new business start ups, the owner will not be able to take a salary for 1-2 years. The family needs to know that household expenses will be covered during that time.

5.We will only

Mar 21

Autistic Children Are Showing Signs Of Recovery Using Gcmaf

A recent discovery by Dr Bradstreet in his autism clinic in America is that autistic children usually have an elevated Nagalase level. This may indicate a viral cause behind the symptoms of autism.

GcMAF is natural and a central part of our immune system, which cannot function without it. Viruses create the enzyme nagalase which prevents the production of GcMAF, closing down the immune system. GcMAF is available externally, and when administered its positive results on autism in both the brain and the stomach again suggest it is largely a viral disease.

There are research papers by over 100 eminent scientists on GcMAF. To research GcMAF yourself, simply put the word

“We have now evaluated approximately 400 children with autism for the viral marker, nagalase. From my perspective this is one of the most important developments in the clinical treatment of children on the spectrum that I have experienced in the last 15 years. The short story is nearly 80% of the children with autism evaluated have significantly elevated levels of nagalase.” – Dr Bradstreet October 11, 2011

Dr Bradstreet looked to find a treatment that would reduce the Nagalase count and found GcMAF (Gc Macrophage Activating Factor). The results have been astounding, with over 70% of the children who received GcMAF responding positively. Whilst parental anecdotes cannot take the place of a well implemented clinical trial, his work and the increasing number of very positive comments must be cause for us to investigate this further.

GcMAF is natural and a central part of our immune system, which cannot function without it. Viruses create the enzyme nagalase which prevents the production of GcMAF, closing down the immune system. GcMAF is available externally, and when administered its positive results on autism in both the brain and the stomach again suggest

Mar 21

Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Family Business

Every company, and every type of company has there own set of strengths and weaknesses which differentiate them from their competition. Here are some of the differences between owning a family business, and a non-family business.

1) Nepostism
Family business owners often feel some sort of obligation to hire there relatives, instead of outside people looking for a job. The other people who are not related to them, often have better qualifications, and are clearly much better choices. The owner however may still chose to hire his or her relatives however, due to family pressure or sense of obligation.

2) Donations To Charity
Unlike public companies who feel pressure from share holders to make money, and not donate too much to charity, small business owners, specifically family business owners, can to a large extent do what they want with the money. Often they will donate it to there favorite charity, even though they may not be able to afford it, or it’s not in the companies best interests.

3) Less Profit Concerns
Small businesses often want to make their customers happy, or do what is morraly right. This in itself is a great thing, and it’s great that the companies want to do this, however sometimes the company will go over board, doing too much for too little profit. This can cause some serious problems and it may even cause the company to go out of business.

4) Loyalty
Employees in family businesses feel loyalty to their company. They are unlikely to leave, and if they do leave it is extremely rare for them to go to work for a competitor. In public companies on the other hand this is constantly happening. Even in high position jobs employees will leave and go work for a competitior,

Mar 21

Children story books are their real teachers

Summary: Story books can be a true entertainment for you kids. Understand their importance and give them it to your children in the form of gifts.


If you want that your children should have a natural fascination towards the books then gift some different types of story books to them. Children are very sweet from hearts and thats why they love lots and lots of colors and when they find huge number of colors in a single books they start reading them . Apart from this, an automatic affection keeps on generating within them. Most of the children love story books for their pictures which makes them laugh and smile.

Children Story Books comes in various varieties as Barbie doll books, animated books, humorous picture book, cartoon character books of Dora, Popeye, car books, angels and moral books etc. The authors who so ever are going to write story books for children must be very attentive. They must assure themselves that nothing bad is going to be served to them from their behalf. They must highlight good morals and education in their write ups. Children are have soft hearts, so whatever we will serve them they will consider it right only. Thats the reason only why one has to be very careful while writing or creating something for them.

Parents must assure themselves that the story books they are bringing for their little ones will be helpful for developing their good personality. Cheap Books can be purchased from online book shops also but beware that nothing obscene goes into their hands accidentally also. Baby girls like those kinda stories which have fairies and angels while baby boys have the fascination towards king stories. If parents are narrating a story from a story books then they need to remember

Mar 18

Family – The Basic Social Unit

Family is the basic social unit. Family represents people living together by ties of marriage, blood or adaptation, thus representing a single household. According to sociology, the family has the primary function of reproducing society; biologically, socially, or both. There are various structures of a family based on the relationship shared between the parent and the children. The different types of family are patrifocal, where the family consists of a father and his child; matrifocal, where the family consists of a mother and her child. Consanguineal family is one which consists of the mother, the child and other people, mainly belonging to the family of the mother. The conjugal family consists of one or more mothers and their children, with other people and one or more spouses.

The parent-child relationship varies due to different cultures. One of the prominent forms is the nuclear family. It consists of the marital pair living with their offspring separately. The joint family is an extension of the nuclear family. Joint family occurs when children of one sex live at their parents house. In a joint family, the children bring along their spouse to live with them at their parents house after marriage. A joint family usually consists of an older man and his wife, his sons and unmarried daughters, his sons wives and children. Members of a joint family share all the task of trade, food gathering and preparation and child rearing.

Children who share one parent but not another are called halfbrothers or halfsisters. Children who do not share parents, but whose parents are married, are called step-brothers or step-sisters. Similarly, if a person is married to the parent of a child, but is not the parent of the child themselves; they are called stepfather or stepmother.

A complex family

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